Tips That Could Help Decrease Your Risk Of Identity Theft

There isn’t any way to totally prevent Identity Theft but there are things that you can do to decrease your risks. Below are listed 10 tips.

  • Guard your Social Security Number. Remember this is the most important step. This is the key to your credit report and banking accounts. Give it out only when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Minimize the amount of personal financial information and credit cards you carry. Memorize passwords and PINs instead of carrying them with you.
  • Keep personal financial information in a secure place in your home. Shred identifying information before throwing it away.
  • Do Not give sensitive information to unsolicited callers. Remember that most legitimate businesses will not ask for your Social Security or bank account numbers.
  • Shield with your hand when entering your PIN at a bank ATM or stores. Take your credit card receipts and ATM slips. Shred them before throwing them away.
  • Check your credit report each year for signs of unusual activity. ( for free report)
  • Limit the exposure of your Social Security number and personal information by giving it only when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Do Not give personal information over the phone, over the Internet or through the mail unless you initiated the contact or are certain of the business’s trustworthiness.
  • Do not leave your purse open and unattended, for example, in a shopping cart or hanging on the back of your chair at dinner.
  • Mail payments from a safe location. Do not place them in your mailbox where they can be stolen.
  • Check ATM’s and gas credit card areas are for tampering.

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